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All treatments are conducted by highly trained knowledgeable specialists, ensuring safe and exceptional results.

Bare Body Laser is a full-service medical spa clinic located in New York City.  Our spa is relaxed, pleasant, and equipped with state of the art equipment, which include the most advanced techniques available on the market.

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Bare Body Laser has used the latest technology and innovative treatments

The Spa offers exclusive procedures for permanent laser tattoo removal, hair removal, beauty treatments, face and body rejuvenation. Our specialists can service the most challenging cases, providing effective treatments, at the best value to its customers.

1. effective results

Bare Body Laser offers the safest and the most efficient laser procedures in the market today.

The Spa uses FDA approved lasers, providing the most effective results, at the best value to its customers.

2. exclusive techniques

With unique and exclusive techniques developed over years of experience, we concentrate on making each of our clients feel special and pampered during their treatment.

Our specialists can service the most challenging cases

3 . Customized packages

Our treatment packages are customizable to your unique needs. We offer our customers unique and customized solutions with the most modern and advanced technology. 

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“You really are the best! thank you for taking great care of my skin and for making me glow.” - Camille Ringoir

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